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About us

Protocamel produces all natural, quality feed to protect camels health and to serve THEM.

We are living in a different era!

Protein powders, vitamins, supplements. Paleo diets. Humans will try everything to make themselves faster, stronger and HEALTHIER. But we couldn't believe that there wasn't a healthier, tastier and more nutritious version of camel food.

Protocamel produces all natural, quality feed to protect camels health and to serve THEM. To giveback. We believe that every being matters. We believe that we are all a part of a larger family. And anything that could compromise this family is just unacceptable in our books. We don't have anything against conventional feeds. We just don't make them. This will never change.

We would never compromise- that word isn't in our vocabulary. Just »fine« is never good enough and if something doesn't meet our standards, we won't ever sell it.

Here healthy food is everything. All ingredients are carefully picked and put together into ONE OF A KIND formula. In fact it is so good that even you can eat it .

What we are trying to say is actually this: We demand a lot from camels and they need something back. Let‘s protect them with Protocamel feed. Because they are worth protecting.

Yes, it matters!


our feeds are mixtures of different grains and each of them has special ingredients that have a different effect on a camel



A perfect match for every camel owner who wants to improve the health of his camels.

It’s a feed that takes care of camel’s digestive organs. Healthy organs are the basis for the health of an animal. That’s why you will find rice and pumpkin seeds as a main ingredient in Camel Metabolicus. Because of these two main ingredients, this feed has a high percentage of naturally obtained Vitamin E and Selenium which are very important against damages of lactic acid in muscle tissue.

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Čužnja vas 20, 8231 Trebelno, Slovenia