About us

About us

Protocamel. A complete, all-natural, and healthy feed made in the Alps. In the long run, your animals  will be healthier and stronger. 

Our feed is not for everyone. It's made by and for the people who are serious about their animal's  health and understand the importance of it. We would never compromise- that word isn't in our  vocabulary. Just »fine« is never good enough and if something doesn't meet our standards, we won't  ever sell it. We expect the same from our customers. 

The difference between our feed and traditional feeds on the market is that Protocamel is in its own  category. We are not a traditional feed, we are not here just to feed the animals and make money in  the process. Our belief is that every being deserves to be healthy. We have what it takes to make it  happen. 

We provide you: 

  • Only the best ingredients. 
  • Possibility of a tailor-made feed in our research lab. 
  • Ongoing research and innovations. 
  • Support in all the possible aspects. 

Protocamel Team